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Peskov considered the blocking of Trump’s social networks a lesson to the whole world

Owners of social networks should have certain obligations, since they are used by a large number of people. This was announced by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

Thus, Peskov commented on the situation with blocking the accounts of US President Donald Trump on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram after h

is supporters seized the Capitol.

“This is a lesson for the whole world. Obviously, companies that make money by being a platform for a large number of people, for the population of many countries, must bear certain obligations. It is probably wrong to leave this to the arbitrary opinion of these companies,” Peskov said.

Trump supporters staged riots in Washington on January 6, when congressmen were supposed to approve the defeat of the American president in the elections. The demonstrators broke into the Congress building and clashed with law enforcement officers. Five people were killed, including a Capitol security officer.

Trump’s opponents then accused him of inciting protests, believing that he was guilty of what had happened. Twitter permanently blocked the account of the current US president, at least until the end of his term, the politician’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were also blocked. Accounts associated with the President of the United States were also blocked by YouTube, Snapchat and the Twitch streaming platform, Discord voice and video messenger, Pinterest photo hosting and other platforms. Google and Apple have removed the Parler social network from their app stores, to which Trump supporters intended to transfer communication. Later, the president’s Facebook and Instagram accounts went live.