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Twitter temporarily suspends Donald Trump’s account

Trump will not be able to use Twitter until he deletes messages that moderators consider to be violating the rules. Among them – an appeal to the nation and a statement that the storming of the Capitol was the result of “stealing” his election victory

Twitter moderators have temporarily suspended Donald Trump’s personal account, the administration said in a statement. Trump will be unable to post for at least 12 hours.

Twitter is one of Trump’s main channels of communication with his supporters, with almost 89 million followers on his @realDonaldTrump account.

As follows from the message of the social network, the decision to temporarily block was made due to the events in Washington, where supporters of the incumbent president seized the congress building for some time. Several of Trump’s messages related to this situation were hidden by the moderators. “Due to the unprecedented and ongoing clashes in Washington, we have requested the removal of three messages from Donald Trump’s account posted earlier today due to repeated and serious violations of our public events integrity policy,” the statement said.

Among the hidden messages was the US president’s address to the nation, in which he called for peaceful protest. In addition, Twitter hid a message in which Trump linked the events in Washington to the fact that his election victory was “stolen”.

Donald Trump’s messages to his supporters were also blocked by Facebook and Instagram. Before that, social networks have repeatedly imposed restrictions on the distribution of Trump’s records.